Visiting the equator in Uganda. 5/5 (2)

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Ever wondered why the Ugandan climate is not too hot, warm and wet throughout the year and never experience very extreme cold temperatures with exception of few districts like Kabale, Kisoro and Fortportal amongst other in the western pat of the country? Well the answer lies on the Equator that passes across the country in multiple points availing the opportunity to stand at the point here the whole earth is subdivided into two halves that is the southern and northern hemispheres. All Uganda safaris to western Uganda mostly have the stop over here.


When Sir Winston Churchill referred Uganda as the Pearl of Africa, it was after the observation of the level of natural attractive endowments that this small beautiful country was gifted with that made him to refer it that way.


Uganda is one of the few countries in the world where the imaginary line that divides the earth into two half passes. The Equator line crosses Uganda at several points but the most remarkably well known demarcated one is along Kampala– Masaka highway which is about situated 75 km south of Kampala at Kayabwe and others at Kasese district within Queen Elizabeth national park and others not demarcated. At this point, there is a built up circle marking the equator line which is worth stopping for photography, crafts shopping at the next shop and have a glimpse of the demonstration on the water swirls in opposite directions in the northern & southern hemispheres at the equator line. In this Ugandan part of the world, the spring, or vernal equinox happens around March 21, when the sun moves north across the celestial equator. The autumnal equinox occurs around September 22nd, when the sun crosses the celestial equator going south thus it is experienced twice in the year.


This is the best stop over point for the tourists heading to further parts of the western parts of the country for more heavy beautiful experiences like Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park. And other parts of the western part of the country. For further knowledge about this imaginary line in Uganda, kindly come to an our inbox and we shall be more than ready to help out and as well arrange your itinerary availing time for you to have a moment at this point so as to enrich your Ugandan safari with the best  experiences in thus part of the world.


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