Batwa Women

Batwa Women participating in a traditional Twa dance

The uniquely short indigenous pygmy community that up to date lives a life style of the ancient persons are based in the south western part of the capital city of Uganda. These people lived in the forests that in the present are used to protect the most valued endangered mountain gorillas as bush men “keepers of the forest”. This came as a nightmare to this bush men since their lives depended in the hunting, fruit gathering, and so played games of arrows which was not the case after they were shifted from out of the forest. The uniqueness about these pygmies is that they still have an ancient way of setting up fire by rubbing the metal in woods to cause friction and automatically smoke is realized before long, fire is lit up. Book a trip with and experience more of their unique lifestyle.

Batwa Family Batwa men
Batwa Family Batwa men perform a welcoming dance.

Upon gazetting Bwindi impenetrable national park in 1991 and as well-made UNESCO natural world heritage site in 1994, this community saw itself being evicted from where they knew as home. This almost led to the extinction of this indigenous community because the new life style out of the forests was not familiar to them. These unfamiliar circumstances were in areas like in food acquisition, they got it by hunting, fruit gathering not to farming, business and also used local herbs for treatments got directly from the forest and not paying medical bills. Thus, their change of the environment was more than of harming to them.

Batwa men Batwa Elders
Twa men returning from a hunt Twa elders making fire

However, in 2001, the great missionary scientists came in and introduced the schemes that turned around their lives they built a school, hospital and housing facilities. They also developed water and sanitation projects as well championed ways that the Batwa could generate income and sustain themselves. The main founded project is Batwa Development Program (BDP) that is managed and operated by the BDP working hand in hand with the Batwa community to ensure that their indigenous rights are respected and they also benefit from the forest being a national park and tourist attraction.
The Batwa cultural trail experience is pioneered by the Batwa pygmies to educate their children through paying tuition as well as sharing the amazing Batwa cultural heritage and traditions to the whole the world.


The moments with the Batwa people.
• Hike in the forest exploring every corner of it with the “keepers of the forest” as guides where you will see and visit all areas in the forest and its habitants through their eyes. Amazing!
• Also be able to observe their way of living while in the jungle (see how they lived), their traditional way of hunting and you also have a chance to try out your invincible hunting techniques as they are being materialized when the Batwa lecture you on how you can apply a bow and arrow in targeting the prey..
• Visit a traditional Batwa homestead and attend classes of how a meal is prepared in this community and also have it served traditionally and the best moment of sampling the long-awaited dishes.
• Not all flora in the jungle is medicine buta talk with the well renown medicine men will help us identify several medicinal plants as well as their roles
• Dance to legendary stances and listen to the authentic ancient authentic and traditional songs.

This community can be embedded on an itinerary to track gorillas at Bwindi impenetrable Forest National park. so dearly don’t miss visiting this indigenous people while in South western Uganda. Book your trip with and grasp the best experience while here.