The Tanzania parks entrance fees 2020 updated information

The Tanzania parks entrance fees and the fees for entering conservation areas in Northern Tanzania. The parks here include: Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire national park and other conservation areas.

These park entrance fees for Tanzania national parks fees are charges that were put by TANAPA as TANAPA visitor rates for all tourist visitors that and want to explore the several listed national parks in Tanzania. The incoming tourists can also do series of activities as well as glancing at various attractions in them.

most of these Tanzania parks entrances fees are put up for all travelers travelling or planning to travel to Tanzania for safari tour trips. The fees can be paid through the tour operator like Jewel safaris or at the gates using credit cards (Master cards and Visa cards)

Additionally, for tourists who are intending to camp or spend a night at any of these parks, there is an extra fee you are requested to pay known as Concession fees.

A summary of all 2020 Park entrance fees and concession fees for all Tanzania national parks.

Park Fees


Park Fees for Children

  • Arusha National Park-$17.70
  • Kilimanjaro National park-$23.60
  • Lake Manyara national park-$17.70
  • Ngorongoro conservation area-$23.60
  • Serengeti National Park-$23.60
  • Tarangire national park-$17.70


Camping Fees for Public

Special Tanzania parks Campsite fees

Other TANAPA charged fees.

  • Ranger fee -$17.70
  • Oldupai gorge-Adults ($35.40) Children($11.80)
  • Letoli foot prints- Adults($23.60) Children ($11.80)
  • Mountain Cabins
  • Kilimanjaro-$70.80
  • Meru-$35.40

Other fees and fines.

Photography fees-$100

Over speeding (all types of Vehicles)-$100

Nature walking charged fees.

Shorter walks of up to 4 hours | Adults | $20

Shorter walks of up to 4 hours | children (between 12-15 years)| $ 10

Longer walks of More than 4 hours | Adults | $ 30

Longer walks of more than 4 hours | children (between 12-15 years) | $ 15

Note: All the above Tanzania national parks entrance fees and rates as published by TANAPA and NCAA are subjected to change at any time.

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