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The Republic of Uganda is presently enjoying a time of peace after years of civil war and unrest. Since then, the country has been rebounding from many ordeals and is now becoming a thriving nation which can showcase its rich history and natural beauty. We have listed some of the sites in Uganda you must see when visiting the count

 For several decades, Uganda has been peaceful, hospitable and so welcoming to all the inbound visitors. All visitors that have entered Uganda just have the same kind of the peace like it is at their home countries. Peace aside, Uganda is endowed, diverse, well gifted and mostly great in relation to packaging the travelers with thrilling experiences. This is a home of thrills, from food, music, culture, wildlife, and in all other aspects tourism wise, the pearl of Africa never disappoints. Let’s explore together. Below are few sites in Uganda pointed out for you to have a share a share of your time  for any African safaris or Ugandan safari and you can as well do your safari with us. The head planers of thrill trips ion the country.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

Namugongo Shrine- - Sites in Uganda

Located in Namugongo suburb of Kampala district lies the grandeur of the full representation and the commemoration of the ones who deliberately even at the point of death refused to denounce their Christian faith. This later on prescribed to their death and as the best site for Christian pilgrimage, this Namugongo shrine was put up to remind the rest of believers the kind of in-depth love for the gospel that they should exhibit. Inside this structure are different memorable corners each holding something that has a message connecting to either the king, the punishers or the martyrs’ themselves. We at Jewel safaris suggest you have a visit to this area more so if you are a Christian believer.  The beautiful shrine’s exterior is made of 22 copper pillars over 100 feet long that was built to honor 32 young men who were killed by king Mwanga II of Buganda in June 3rd 1886 and are commemorated every year on 3rd June with the dozens of pilgrims of the world fluxing the site to celebrate the kind of love and faith these young men had towards God and Christianity as a whole. Let’s see your safaris having the best moments of faith here too. Kindly contact us at and all will be arranged.

Nyero Rock Paintings

Nyero Rock Painting - Sites in Uganda Sites in Uganda

While here, you will be taken back to the whole lifestyle of the Stone Age inhabitants of this area. With a little trek, a bit of climbing involved, you will be able to see a great impactful aged rock art dated back to before 1250 AD. Nyero   one of the Sites in Uganda has three rock shelters that are a good distance apart from each other. Be sure to visit during your next stay in Uganda. Reasonably, the trips here are so educative and the our guides are available to help you to interpret the drawings on these rocks like round structure that represented the sun the Sun their god, ladder, crocodiles (their then main threat) and so many others. Nyero is made of three rocks that are some meters away and they are found in Ngora road off the Kumi-Soroti highway which are found in eastern Uganda and accessed after about 4-5 hours of road drive. For any other point of interest for inquiry or book a trip to this site, kindly contact us at Jewel Safaris Limited via and all is handled.

Amabere Ga Nyinamwiru

Amabeere-Ga-Nyina-Mwiru - Sites in Uganda Amabere Falls -Sites in Uganda

Located at outskirts of Fort Portal town in Kabarole are the geographically formed features called the stalactites, stalagmites, the cave and the waterfalls are one of the remarkable Sites in Uganda. However the locals here beautified the story to the local; set up that makes it more appealing to hear all over and over more again. The caves here have the calcite features facing down that the locals here refer to as, Breast of Nyinamwiru and water dripping down as the milk from the breasts. The story is subdivide but touching and if you want to find out the detailed story, kindly reach to us on The story is so composed to best match what is in place as it goes: there lived a king called Bukuku who had very beautiful daughter and he saw none in the kingdom was fit to marry his daughter yet the daughter wanted and finally when she fell in love, the were strict decrees passed to contain her around the palace at all-time but to the kings surprise she got pregnant even him have remove her eyes, cut off her breasts to make her ugly, the young man she had fallen in love with, persisted in continuing loving her till when the child called Mwiru was born and this  is thought to have origins shrouded in myth and legend. Kindly more contact us to explore more.

The Kasubi Tombs

kasubi Tombs- Sites in Uganda Kasubi Tombs - Sites in Uganda

This is the burial site for any ruler that will ever rule Buganda as a king that begun as a palace that was first built in 1881 on the Kasubi hill in Kampala. The tombs  were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001 but on a sad note, fire gutted in March 16, 2010. These tombs are one of the Sites in Uganda with a full cultural value of the Baganda people in their spiritual, political and social state of its people. Are you ready to visit? Well just engage us at Jewel Safaris Limited and all will be in place.

Speke Monument on the Nile River

If anyone mentioned the top tourists attractions in Uganda, the source of river Nile will definitely be among the best 5 after the gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates, wildlife because it is a home to an array of too many beautiful good scenic views , birds, and if lucky enough, one will even spot the king fisher’s here. Best for photography, water rafting, boat cruises and several others. This is one traveler’s favorite place for doing dozens of activities. We at Jewel Safaris LTD are ready. The River Nile is found at Jinja the adrenaline capital of East Africa.

Sempaya Hot Springs

Semuliki national park - Sites in Uganda Sites in Uganda

The hot springs that consist of the male and female hot springs that are the ooze out the extremely water that are called Sempaya are found at the Semuliki national park that lies at the western part of the country Uganda bordering the Congo . This place is to phenomenal that you can boil Irish potatoes, eggs and other first things to get ready and they boil in less than an hour that tells how hot this water is. Though the female is a little bit organized unlike the male one that is just a pool like deep, extremely hot and full of steam oozing out of it. The place is also surrounded by beautiful vegetation, forests that have animals like primates like monkeys grey-checked Mangabeys, red-tailed monkeys, elephants, chimpanzees, De Brazza’s monkeys and pygmy antelopes and several others. If you love a good nature tour, you are welcome to this park with Jewel Safaris LTD and do your Ugandan safari here.

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