The pearl of Africa beauty comes into realization once you step on its land, see how well-endowed it is with rare species of wildlife. Uganda is home to over 1,100 bird species. These bird species are constituted off 50% of the Africa’s bird species and 11% world’s bird species. This vast bird species number makes Uganda a great destination for birding experience offering the real value to the true birders that do bird watching in Uganda as a country, East Africa as a region and the whole African continent. The magnificent, amazingly prehistoric-looking bird in Uganda. The wonderful ancient bird species that constantly thrive making birding safaris a sought-after desire for every bird enthusiast. We look at where to see shoebill stork in Uganda.

shoebill stork shoebill stork

The Shoe bill stork bird is at times also referred to as a “King whale-head.” It is called so due to its enormous traits like: head size. The “shoebill stork” name is so because of   its shoe-like bill which can grow up to 24cm in length and 20cm in width. Despite of their weight, the shoebill stork can float on the water weeds while on a fish hunt. The shoe bill stock weighs up to 6kgs

Uganda being the best birding place in the east African region, there are a number of top bird watching spots spread all over Uganda. In these birding spots, there are several of bird species found here but the top one in concern today is the shoebill stork. The most prominent bird watching destinations here include; along the bank of the Nile River specifically around the Delta spot in Murchison Falls National Park. While at Murchison falls National Park you can have the highest chances of spotting them when doing an early morning or evening boat cruise to the delta. Another spot for spotting the shoebill stork bird species is at the Mabamba swamp which is quite close enough to Kampala. Short notice and limited time travelers need just at least the 7 hours maximum time to do a bird watching excursion at Mabamba bay with the possibility of spotting this legendary bird species.

shoebill stork shoebill stork

More spots with higher chances of seeing the shoebill stork legendary bird are: the southern end of Lake Edward in the well-endowed Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rugogo swamp in Ziwa Rhino SanctuaryLake Mburo National Park, and Semuliki National Park, close to Lake Albert.

In all those destinations you may visit in search of the shoebill stork you have chances of seeing other rare species like the papyrus Gonoleks for the case of Mabamba bay. Therefore shoebill hunt is so rewarding is worth taking on while birding Uganda.

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