Quad bike safaris in Jinja Uganda

Jinja is widely reffered to as the Adrenaline capital of East Africa? Giving varied opportunities to tourists’ arrivals to take part in experiential memorable activities like:  Kayaking, white water rafting, bungee jumping, horseback riding and Quad biking. This Jewel safaris article will be looking at Quad biking in the capital of adrenaline.

Quad biking in Jinja is an excellent activity. Jinja in particular is most favored place for doing this activity by many travellers despite being arranged in many other parts of the country.

In case you are done with your safari in, Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park, Queen Elizabeth national park Kidepo valley national park or Murchison falls, talk to Jewel safaris team and a new thrilling step will be fixed for you.

Quad biking is one of the most exciting activities to engage in while touring Jinja town. Everyone above the age of 12 years qualifies to take part in quad biking experience in Jinja.

There is no limit to the number of participants. This activity can lasts between1 hour to 4 hours on a daily basis. Tell Jewel safaris your timing now and we make arrangements for you to do quad biking in Ugandan while on your Ugandan safari. For your safety, Quad companies usually provide all necessary equipment that include: guide      s, overalls and goggles. Usually, the quad biking experience starts with a briefing and free training lessons at the practice circuit for about 30 minutes.

Jinja Nile river activities

One does not need to have experience with the bikes in order to participate. The topics covered are generally about how to manage the bike on the road. Things like how to change gear, maintain stability, remain on track and look out for local kids crossing the road.

Apart from general safety measures, participants are also warned about unnecessary overtaking/competition (as tempting as it is) and killing local animals. Talk to us at Jewel safaris and have your safari itinerary above quad biking included.

Depending on the results of the training, a trip is designed taking into consideration the ability of the rider. To that end Bikers are put into three categories – expert riders, beginners and children.

Participants are than assigned either manual or automatic bikes. After the briefing and training, bikers are fitted with overalls helmets and other safety equipment. The group then follows the lead biker in an organized line.

All paths go through the countryside, but different routes are taken while going and coming back. The most exciting part in this memorable quad biking safari s that while on the track, expect to meet and bypass boda bodas, waving kids, people in their gardens, girls from the well or women carrying their babies with a load on their head. It is a better way of reaching deep into the local communities’ locality on quad bike ride.

It is very rare to meet vehicles because the routes taken are off the main roads/highways. During the stops along the Nile river, watch as women wash clothes by the river banks or little children swim through very powerful currents and rapids with only a jerrycan.

Jinja the adrenaline capital of east Africa

The guide will share with you the history of the river, Jinja town and the three power dams along the Jinja stretch of the Nile. Don’t miss this adventure because it’s peculiar and the communities around are too hospitable.

 Depending on the hours and route taken but the Quad biking safari costs between $50 to $110 per person. Although riding in mud is exciting, it is good to exercise caution. The Quad Bikes have large tires that can throw mud right into the face of the next biker.

And this will need you to have a right choice of clothing so as to avert being affected by this mud or dust. We recommend you dress on clothings that will give you comfort during the activity. Bikers need loose/light clothing preferably a tracksuit or leggings.

Other clothings like overalls and gumboots to protect against mud and watery surface will be provided by the quad biking company but in case you have your own, you can also carry them.   Cameras carried must also be kept in dust and water resistant bags.

The best and ideal time for doing this fun quad biking activity in Jinja is during the rainy seasons. The more mud in the ground, the better as sliding makes the activity more exciting. Moreover, during the rainy season, the countryside is very scenic with a lot of activity and beautiful singing birds everywhere. The dry season makes the track very dusty and a nightmare for bikers at the back of the group who may find themselves covered with dust on completion.
There are also other places within ad around Uganda that offer quad biking activity a part from Jinja and this includes: Lake Mburo national park. This gives you an opportunity to reach next to the wildlife of the park without disturbances.

Uniquely, the quad bikes here have sound proof gadget put to cease it from making noise that scares aw wildlife species. Another place selling quad biking activity is Lake Bunyonyi just at the neighborhood of the mountain gorillas’ home.

The only limit of fun in Uganda is you but everything is in place readily available to be executed. For any interest, kindly call Jewel safaris and we do an incredible wonder by arranging exactly your kind of safari in Uganda.

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