Protect mountain gorillas primates.

Can you imagine? Some individuals are just ruthless? Never want to see other live freely? Our closest relatives the mountain gorillas. The greatest giants of all the apes/ primate’s family. Mountain gorillas are the most endangered animals in the wild ever. Mountain gorillas’ existence was noticed in 1902 by one German explorer’s discovery. In later years several scientists began doing researches on several aspects and making attempts to protect mountain gorillas. The notable scientists here include the American scientist George Schaller, Dian Fossey.

Protect Mountain Gorillas

George Schaller was the first ever scientist to study the gorillas in the three game parks of Virunga national park, Volcanoes national park and Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park. After George’s research, Dian Fossey followed his footsteps and she continued from where he stopped from.

Her notable achievements are so visible. Dian Fossey did her research at Volcanoes national park. Dian Fossey became so popular due to her movie “Gorillas in the Mist”. During her research carried out in Rwanda about the mountain gorillas from 1967 till 1985 when she died, the world began to learn about the mysterious beauty of these apes.

Till date, the Dian Fossey efforts are so remarkably remembered and the there is a trail to follow leading to where she did always here research and her tomb in the Volcanoes national park range. The Karisoke Research Centre in Rwanda can still be visited to see the deeds of Dian Fossey.

In Uganda, Uganda wildlife authority, the Uganda tourism board, the primate sector and other stake holders are putting up stringent rules and regulations to see that these apes are protected. You can also be a well-wisher and we conserve these mountain gorillas harboring them from the wicked poachers

The rate at which mountain gorillas are killed is too alarming. Prior the commencement of research, Virunga had over 450 mountain gorillas living here.  However, in a period of 20 years, the mountain gorillas’ population had decreased by more than a half 250 individuals.

Who are the mountain gorillas’ enemies?

Mountain gorillas do not have a lot a lot of enemies but the most prominent ones are the Human beings. Humans are dangerously harming, killing mountain gorillas and ever provoke them to see that they ago into extinction.

Humans constantly destroy mountain gorillas’ habitats through deforestation, they suffered from wars, diseases were transferred and they were commonly hunted for meat or just as a trophy.

The number raised again thanks to the conservation efforts of Dian Fossey and other researchers. Their attempts to protect mountain gorillas were remarkably successful and we applaud them.

Protect Mountain Gorillas

It is so clear that mountain gorillas are the most endangered ape/primates’ species in the whole world. To give you more details and rationales to protect mountain gorillas in East Africa, Jewel safaris recommends you to visit the habituated mountain gorilla families and do gorilla trekking experience.

It has been made possible to visit some gorilla families. This is the only way you as way visitors will learn about the life of the gorilla and revenues will benefit the conservation.

Before gorillas’ safaris can be made, they need to be habituated to the presence of human beings. This is a long and careful process and can take several years.

Mountain gorillas tracking moments.

Special trained rangers approach them carefully and spend increasing periods of time with them. The habituation can be risky for both gorillas and humans.

Not only the silverback might feel threatened, but the gorillas can also easily be infected with diseases. Therefore, it is important to maintain strict rules when habituating and visiting the gorillas.

Extinction of these mountain gorillas on earth will be a great loss to the travelers who delight in fun thrilled experiences that can only be attained when one encounters with the mountain gorillas.

There are several merits that these mountain gorillas present to the nations and the planet earth as well. Your African safari, East Africa safari in the countries containing these great apes will never disappoint once these apes are preserved for longer generations.

Let’s visit mountain gorillas and do gorilla trekking safari that will help you familiarize with the mountain gorillas. After this gorilla trekking experience, you will turn into an ardent mountain gorillas’ conservationist. For gorilla trekking permits, engage us at Jewel safaris and we shall have them booked for you.

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