The largest conservation area for the rare species in Uganda located in the Karamoja region amidst the two giant parks of Kidepo valley national park and Elgon mountains national park annexing the magnificent romantic falls that tells how beautifully appearing this game reserve can be. Pian-upe sits in a land area of 2800 square kilometers making it not only the largest game reserve in the whole country but also the largest conserved are after Murchison falls National Park. There is a lot of endowment of  natural beauty here evidenced by beautiful plains viewing the Sudanese and Kenyan,  the awesome green flora like shrubs, acacia and several others, the birds lover is favored by the diverse natural beauty of this reserve hence making  it one of the best places or haven for  bird watching and the most prominently unique birds here include the rarely sighted bird species ostrich, the white headed buffalo-weaver, great hart laub’s bustard,, unique Jackson’s hornbill and many other bird species that can only easily be sighted at Loporokocho swamp. There is also a lot of fauna in Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve of which inclusive are the giraffes, savannah zebras, lions, buffaloes, great roaming antelopes, leopards, Harte beasts, oribi, greater kudu topi and so other many others. This reserve is also the only place to watch the rare species of Rothschild’s giraffe. We cannot emphasize enough how endowed this Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve is.

Pian-upe Pian-upe

Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve found at the outskirts off the Elgon mountain national park is the less visited one just like Kidepo valley National park and if you reading this becomes among the few going today or soon for Uganda safaris adventure  with, you are among the lucky ones to explore the still virgin land of unprecedented beauty that is still explaining the authentic African continent and the real pearl of Africa description of Uganda’s beauty.  The wildlife reserve is full of natural beauty also has a given number of primates like the vervet monkeys, rarely seen olive baboons and also there are several snake species here too that include the rock python, the large and biggest lizards commonly called the monitor lizards  or savannah monitors. Amongst the big number of game reserves in Uganda, Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve is the unique one that is rarely visited yet most endowed. I don’t know if people hate good things but me and you should check it out.

Pian-Upe Wildlife Reserve is found in the North eastern part of Uganda just about 90 kilometers from the Mbale town in the Karamoja part of the region just at the immediate outskirts of the Elgon Mountain National Park. The biggest and largest game reserve out of the 13 game reserves that are in Uganda.

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