Lion tracking experience in Uganda

There is more to than unusual fun thrilled activities at Queen Elizabeth national park for you. You can have more time in the presence of lions “the kings and queens of the jungle” while at Queen Elizabeth national park.Lion tracking is one kind of an experiential tourism which literally is one of Uganda’s top most thrilling experiences.

Lion tracking Lion tracking

Lion tracking is apparently only in Queen Elizabeth national park in the whole of Uganda. So, you can’t try missing it for anything because the only chance to grasp a lot of memories is today. You can take part in Lion Tracking Experience/ research either in the morning or late evening and lasts between 1-3 hours.

Where to do lion tracking experience from in Uganda

While on this activity, the pride of lions to be tracked have a lion with a radio collar attached, and through a complex designed radio antenna, you are fully assured of seeing the lions.  You will be with a team of researchers and during this experience, you will learn the habits of the Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park.

Since Lions move in groups of 3- 25 individuals in a pride, there is a possibility of the lions being tracked numbers increasing without prior notice when an individual or multiple lion join the initial group. So, it is recommended to importantly keep note of the number of lions being tracked.

In addition, during this great lion tracking experience, you will be advised to highly and seriously take note of nocturnal roars and their intensity, with other animals like the hyenas inclusive because anything distress has price. While on the tracking experience, your researchers in company will equip you with all the various tricks used in tracking lions.

Among the several tricks you will be lectured with include the lions’ ways of marking his territory that include: lions will scent mark their territory by scraping the ground with their hind feet, creating shallow parallel scrapes of bare soil measuring approximately 12cm in width and 20cm in length.

Lion behaviors that you need to know.

Also drying, sticky urine sprayed on a prominent bush is also a common sign left by lions. They will also rub their heads in bushes, leaving inconspicuous blonde hairs behind. All these tricks are availed to you have. And additionally, lions move through tall grass, leaving a very slight trail of bent grass.

Lion tracking experience is limited to a minimum number of visitors so as to reduce stress on the animals and to increase the quality of the experience for visitors. They usually take place in the early morning or evening, or occasionally at night.

For you to do lion tracking, you need to have booked minimum 6 months back before the exact date of tracking. The cover charge for this activity is $100 per person and gives you between 1-3 hours of lion encounter in company of the trained researchers. And it’s only in Queen Elizabeth in the whole of Uganda or East Africa.

Visitors for experiential tourism get additional bonus in the park by viewing several other wildlife species as Queen Elizabeth National Park is understandably Uganda’s most popular tourist destination.

For any interest picked up by you to do this experiential tourism, kindly contact us via our  inbox.

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