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Kampala is one of the safest, most interesting and fun everlasting busy places to be while in Africaa city that never sleeps”. As regarded by many this gives an immense awesome insight of what one should expect upon arrival to Kampala. With warm weather throughout the year favoring all kinds of activities for everyone. Kampala is established in central Buganda sitting on seven hills that however with time spread abroad covering up 22 hills. With various ways to explore Kampala while on a city tour that include, cycling, car ride, walking on foot, sightseeing bus, boda boda ride, we recommend doing Kampala city tour by moving on foot so as to get and hear each and every sight and sound authentically and in fullness.


kasubi Tombs-Kampala City Tour Bahai Temple-Kampala City Tour
Kasubi Tombs Bahai Temple


However, Kampala city has a lot of people that makes it scary, many routes that may confuse a one-time traveler and that is why we recommend you to have a guide who is knowledgeable and can give you the best tour around this beautiful city, and Jewel Safaris Limited has all these services. Jewel Safaris Limited has a number of guides who are well trained and are relentlessly ready to make your city tour an experience that turns you into a story teller.


Hindi Temple-Kampala City Tour Amins Torture Chamber-Kampala City Tour
Hindu Temple President Idi Amin torture chambers

Activities to take on during the Kampala city tour may include: visit to Kabaka’s palace, President Idi Amin torture chambers, Kasubi tombs, the Bahai temple, the Uganda museum, the Nomo gallery, the vegetable and fruits market in Nakasero, Namugongo martyrs shrine, Kabaka’s lake (man-made lake), the catholic and Anglican churches on different hills in and around Kampala, Gadhafi mosque, Hindu temple and many others.

Night clubs, casinos and others for night life like. Club Guvnor, silk clubs (lounges, liquid silk), cayenne, club Amnesia, space lounge and others.

Night Club-Kampala City Tour Silent Disco-Kampala City Tour
Night life in Kampala Silent Disco

The amazing events like the Bakiga nation, green festival, Kampala city council annual festival, Rolex festival, the twins’ festival, blankets and wines and so many more. However, you can only partake on any of these events if the time of the tour finds its date near or happening since they have specific dates of occurrence. We shall also visit the homes of different cultures, cuisines, dressing cord and other traditional authenticity as represented at one place like Ndere cultural center for the awesomeness of the felt thrill.


Blankets and Wine- Kampala City Tour Bakiga Nation-Kampala City Tour
 Blankets and Wine Bakiga Nation


When its meal time, there are fast foods always ready in an eye blink  like Rolex, fruits in abundance, series of restaurants in all streets of places visited offering fresh and clean juices, foods like luwombo( meat, fish, chicken cooked in a traditional way in banana leaves wrapped) matooke, kalo, and others  thus making food ready at all times the need for it arises.

Rolex-Kampala City Tour Nakasero Market-Kampala City Tour
Rolex Vegetables and Fruits


And finally, when participating in the Kampala city tour, one needs light comfortable shoes, a cap or hat, adequate drinking water that we shall supply, sun glasses, and mostly a good selfie phone and a camera, please while coming to Uganda, make it a date to have city tour because it’s not only a city but a place for endless thrills termed as “a city that  never sleeps.”

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