Kalinzu forest is an interesting destination in a so peculiar/unique way. Second best alternative for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda after Kibale forest national park. The scenic guided walks along the ridges will make you relax. Nature walks through the valleys will expose your mind to a whole new world of the forest life. During the walk in the forest you can see mountain Rwenzori, Lake George and Kazinga channel beauty.

Though famous for chimpanzees trekking with about 300 chimpanzees here, Kalinzu forest is home to several of the amazing stunning wildlife beauty that include: the tree species numbered at over 414 tree species. In addition, its peculiar uses will add on your knowledge about African culture, Kalinzu first is also a home to several bird species with over 378 bird species that will elevate your birding experience to a whole new level, 6 different primates, 97 moths, reptiles, the flowers in the field will treat your modes right, 262 butterfly species will bring smiles on your face when you look at them, flying under the thick tree canopies in different colors. To spice up your nature walks, there are several other primates here apart from the chimpanzees. Other primates here include the baboons, monkeys; blue monkeys, the black and white monkey, L’Hoest’s, the red-tailed colobus monkeys, and the black billed turacos among others.

Kalinzu forest Kalinzu forest

With an incomparable experience offered peculiar from the rest of other destination offering the chimpanzee trekking activity, Kalinzu offers the is so popular here amongst visitors, Kalinzu forest with a total number 300 chimpanzees has 40 chimpanzees recently habituated by a Japanese researchers group two years back. Kalinzu forest chimpanzee trekking permits are cheaper as well which gives it another merit than anywhere else in Uganda; therefore, Kalinzu Forest Reserve is the perfect budget option for chimpanzee trekking as compared to other areas in Uganda like Budongo, Kibale, and Ngamba, Kibale national park, Kyambura gorge.

When in Kalinzu Forest reserve, you will also get a chance to visit the fortune teller of Kalinzu hills. This old man will give you a lot of information about the ancient uses of Kalinzu Forest reserve to the community around it. The Kalinzu Forest reserve night experience will elevate your experience and take it to another new level. You will enjoy tracking the night primates within the forest/ nocturnal primates. You will track the night primates like the Galagos, bush babies, and the Pottos among others.


Kalinzu forest is just found on the main Kasese to Mbarara highway, about 10km in Busenyi district west of Ishasha with in Queen Elizabeth national park. The visitors’ reception Centre is conveniently located at a point which eases entry and exit Queen Elizabeth national part meaning both the visitors heading and leaving Queen Elizabeth national park are catered for fully.


Kalinzu forest can as well be reached by public means of transport like by bus, taxi extra from Kampala city. From Kampala city to Kalinzu forest, it is a 5 hrs drive. Visitors get off the bus at Butare and it’s a short distance to Kalinzu forest. It is also very interest to walk to the visitor’s reception as you listen to the sound of the trees in the forest and the relaxing tweets from the forest birds.

A memorable wild experience should include the nature walks in the wild west of Uganda, that is, Queen Elizabeth national park especially Kalinzu forest. The tourist activities in Kalinzu forest will make you stretch your legs form the long day of sitting in the tour vehicles during the game drive. The small things matter a lot to those that pay attention to details; you would not want to miss out on this spectacular exposure to the new wild world of nature with in Kalinzu forest reserve.

Attractions and what to see at Kalinzu forest.

The bird.

With over 378 bird species in this forest, your bird watching experiences will be doubled that you imagined.

The butterflies

A butterfly is a true representative of love thus coming to Kalinzu forest where there are various butterfly species will just shower your Uganda visit with love. There 262 butterfly species are spotted in this Kalinzu forest. You butterfly safari will just me a memorable one once you do in in Kalinzu forest.

The chimpanzees.

With over 300 chimpanzees spotted in this forest, this is the best ideal destination for chimpanzee trekking safaris. This home to the chimpanzees and other primates is the second best for the chimp tracking in Uganda. There is more in this first as far as experiential activities that generate endlessly enormous memories is concerned. The chimpanzees here are bet for chimp trekking activity. Recently, 40 chimps were habituated by Japanese researchers and are ready for tracking.


Over 404 tree species are so uniquely spotted in this forest. These tree species have the bet importance in the African culture or to the local communities staying around this first. Many diseases are treated using most of these trees and other importance.

Different bird species and other wildlife like the butterflies can be seen along all the above trails apart from enjoying the canopy of the Kalinzu forest travelers can also-ran park along with them picnic lunch box and enjoy their lunch in the picnic areas of Kalinzu forest.


Chimpanzee trekking

300 chimpanzees here, 40 being habituated recently ready for tracking. With cheaper permits that the rest, this should be your second alternative for tracking chimpanzees after Kibale forest national park. There are also other primates here like: the baboons, monkeys; blue monkeys, the black and white monkey, L’Hoest’s, the red-tailed colobus monkeys that you should anticipate while on the chimpanzee tracking safari at Kalinzu forest.  

Butterfly watching.

Yes over 262 butterfly species are found in this stunning Kalinzu forest. All are readily exposed for you and readily available for watching as you create endless beautiful memories while in the jungles of Kalinzu forest.

Bird watching

With over 378 bird species present, your bird watching safaris will be beautified with new bird species registered spotted. An in company of our experienced and knowledgeable guide, no bird species spotted will go undescribed and traits spelt out to you.

Nature walks

Moving in the thick vegetative cover of Kalinzu forest that is full of walking trails with each offering the scenic and stunning views. The nature walks give you an experience to interact with the natural set up alone without noise for any moving machinery. You will hear the birds since, the trees leaves lashing and the nature is as silent as it can be.

The forest trails

Kalinzu forest has four forest trails each giving the best scenic views peculiarly. The trails in this forest include the:

Waterfalls trail: full of breathtaking views enormously exceptional and so beautiful. This trail is a 4-6hrs trail that leads you through the wet and hill areas with stunning views of the chimps in Kalinzu forest.

The valley trail: This trail takes about 4 hours and overs spectacular views of the magnificent steep slopes of the right valley with the green forest canopy and during this trail u can encounter various wildlife on the way.

The river trail: this covers about 2 and half kilometers and takes about an hour. Chimpanzees and other primates are commonly seen in this trail and the tourist will also come along River Kajojo also known as Elephant River because elephants we’re known to bath from here.

The palm trail; This one takes about one and half to up to two hours pf trail walking.  Tourists can come along the fascinating tree species on this trail and passes through flat terrains among the tree’s species can be seen the rare flame tree with its unique red large tulip flame like leaves which the locals believe arouses sexual desires in women and variety of palm trees among the rest

To effect a safari arrangement to Kalinzu forest for any of the activities above, kindly get in touch with Jewel safaris via their inbox and we shall surely get it ready for you at an affordable cost.