For their proven relevance in attracting and providing experiences to tourists’ visiting, the management resorted to commence monitoring the multiplication or addition of hippos’ number in Queen Elizabeth national park. Hippo census is one of a kind of the several of the fun filled experiential thrilling activity that travelers can get engaged on while in Queen Elizabeth national park. Hippo census falls under the unique, but thrilling, experimental tourism or research. Since the hippos feed at night and hike during day from scorching sunshine, Hippo census is done early morning at around 8:30 am before it is hot. Just like lion tracking and mongoose tracking, hippos’ census too has the must have and know guidelines that include: the following are the key items to have before engaging in this hippo’s census activity. You need:  Binoculars to help you observe clearer, Data recorder with sheets to fill in the counts made per school and camera to capture the hippo schools and several others like snacks, waters extra.

Hippo Census

Hippo census simply means the counting of hippopotamus remaining at Queen Elizabeth national park. Despite the efforts by poachers to make these animals to go extinct, Hippo census is still continuously conducted after every 2 years. This counting is carried out in most of the water bodies around Queen Elizabeth national park like Ishasha, rivers, Kazinga channel, Lake Edward, Lake George, and several crater lakes around the park.

While on the hippos’ census, there is specialized researchers count all visible hippo heads when reaches any hippo school along the shorelines. And then the observer announces the number to the person in charge of records; it is an activity done by two or more people.

Hippo Census

A part from the governing Uganda wildlife authority body of Queen Elizabeth national park, you are also a benefactor from the hippo census activity; it is an opportunity for visitors to participate in the management programs of Queen Elizabeth national park, which, yields conservation of wildlife in Queen Elizabeth national park, it’s also another way of magnifying sustainable tourism development.

This Park has also has several of the tourist’s activities that have continually attracted and excited the travelers to Queen Elizabeth national park. Some of the tourist activities here include: boat cruise at Kazinga channel, game drive either use of hot air balloon or tourist vans, chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest, bird watching and butterfly safari. Queen Elizabeth national park continuously awaits for your arrival too. For any inquiries pertaining to Hippos census, kindly engage us at Jewel safaris limited for an immediate response and itinerary.