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Located at the foot hills of Mountain Rwenzori found the beautiful, most gifted and cleanest, rich and smart Fortportal town. It’s about 300kilometres in the western part of the capital city of Uganda. With the statue of Sir Gerald Portal in the center, it’s from his name that Fort Portal town was derived. This gentleman was the British special commissioner for Uganda.

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Fortportal also serves as agate way and an access point to many tourism destinations in the western part of the country like Kibale forest national park which is about 30 kilometers away from the town as well as the route to Semuliki National park. Still if one passed here, he or she can reach to Queen Elizabeth National park through Kasese and then to Transparent Lake via Ishaka Bushenyi to Mbarara finally to Lake Mburo National park that is tourism rich route though far.

The Tooro people 

The people of Tooro are called Batooro One is Mutooro; an adjective, Kitooro; and they speak, Rutooro as their language. Cattle keeping is dominant though farming is also carried out where tea is grown, matooke and others food or cash crops.

Fortportal is under the leadership of the Tooro Kingdom ruled by Omukama of Tooro. Rukirabasaija Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi IV, King Oyo, is the reigning Omukama of Tooro, in Uganda. He was born on 16 April 1992 to King Patrick David Mathew Kaboyo Olimi III and Queen Best Kemigisa Kaboyo. He is the second youngest monarch in the whole world after Her Highness Jetsun.


Amabere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves, waterfalls and the cultural informative tales that led to the formation and the one the king and his daughter. These are found in Kabarole district just few kilometers from Fortportal town. This have the embedded story about the rigged king who by all means had tried to safeguard his beautiful daughter from men and even cut off some parts of her body just to make her ugliest lady that could be ignored by any young man but he received a very huge shock when the person he always protected conceived. This angered him and did so many crazy things…. Book a trip for more story from here info@jewelsafaris.com

Amabeere-Ga-Nyina-Mwiru - Fortportal
Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru waterfalls

The Tooro palace.

Toro Palace in Fortportal

Toro Palace in Fortportal

The glittering ancient hill situated palace was repaired or maintained by the Libyan government under the leadership of the Late Col. Muammar Gaddaffi is beautifully standing on the outskirts of the town viewed from all spots that calls all visitors to go and visit it. This happened in 1960s after the abolition of monarchs by Dr. Apollo Milton Obote regime but when H.E Y. K Museveni revived; the Libyan government rebuilt it for the youngest Monarch by then.

Sir Gerald Speke statue.

This gracefully welcomes each visitor to Fortportal because it lies in the main road of Fortportal town. Good for photography with the British special commissioner for Uganda during the colonial era.

Karambi tombs.

Karambi Royal Tombs

Located at a distance of 5kms from the city center, these tombs are the burial grounds for the former kings like Omukama Kasagama and Rukidi III.


Karambi Royal Tombs - Fortportal The Crater Lakes - Fort Portal
Karambi Tombs The Crater Lakes in Fortportal

The crater lakes.

Found in the Eastern part of the Amabere caves and falls, these three crater lakes are soo beautiful to view after a hike, one would feel like it’s a different planet discovered yet it’s still Kabarole/Fortportal just because of the amazing views of these crater lakes in a high altitude provided by some hills around them

Other attractions include, kyaninga lodge and its surroundings and many more.

Dressing in Tooro

Traditional wear- Fortportal King Oyo - Fortportal
Traditional wear for women King Oyo(in shades) donned in the Tooro men’s Traditional wear

While other tribes go for kanzu for men and gomesi for ladies, it’s a different story with these tribe as the ladies’ wear what is called suuka as their traditional wear. However, men still maintain the Kanzu dressed in suit just like other tribes that make them look stunningly cute and handsome. Book trip with www.jewelsafaris.com and learn how Suuka traditional wear for Tooro people is made.


Night life in Fortportal.

With tight security provided by all security agencies known in Uganda, Fortportal is one cool hub to have a fun relaxing nightlife without worry of the wrong doers in the society with criminal tendencies. People party from sun rise to sunset and only wait and take breaks at work places during work time.  A few busy places at night include;

Gluepot Bar.

This nightlife hub is situated in the middle of the town accessible from all routes with ready transport on standby called boda bodas. The place is on upstairs and very cool to shake off stress dancing to all types of genre music at local, national,regional or international level. This is the place to be for part animals.

Mountains of the moon.

Mountains of the moon Hotel in Fortportal

Mountains of the moon Hotel in Fortportal

This is the guvnor of Fortportal. It is VIP night life facility in Fortportal. This place a must be for all party lovers because everything is classy and VIP so no complaints than to be here. Its few meters away from the city centre and can be accessed by all means of transport. Others include   club Africana, Kalya courts Hotel and many more.

Food time in Fort Portal

Firinda and millet bread - Fortportal Matooke - Fortportal
Firinda and millet bread meal Steamed matooke

Millet bread (oburo)

This is a huge real deal at any place where Batooro are present. They even plan for it as first priority in any event making it an irreplaceable dish in the Batooro communities it’s made out of ground millet making millet flour that is in-turn mixed with other flours then mingled to come up with the best millet flour enjoyed by thousands of Tooro people.


This recipe made up of beans, eggplants, onions, salt and ghee. With no oils added for frying, this is an amazingly delicious delicacy in Tooro land which is irreplaceable sauce served with Oburo though recently many eat it with Matooke still yummy taste is untampered authentically delicious. Whereas many looks for meat and other vegetables for vegetarians, the Tooro people have their own unique dish not anywhere in the world with simple procedure of cooking it.

To learn how to prepare it, please welcome to our inbox info@jewelsafaris.com

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