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For your trip story to wow listeners, visit and include Entanda!  Entanda is a beautifully established community-based tourism initiative located in Kijjudde (blessed with/full of abundance) village Mityana district. With about 90 minutes spent on road drive from Kampala Capital City, it’s one of nearest tourist destination to the city from where visitors with limited time around can go and experience their lifetime moments practically in the traditional set up. It can also be a stopover for the tourists going on trip to western part of the beautiful Uganda. With a lot of projects being set up like accommodation facilities as well as working on the few roads that will soon beautify the experience more while staying with the local people. However the fun moments now are in activities like.


Fruits buffet

Entanda fruits


For all who have visited Entanda have testified of its fulfillment in abundance or fullness of bibala(fruits)where one eats and packs for the next day for their not only good appearing looks but also the sweetest delicious and nutrient richness in this fruits. The fruits talked about include jack-fruits, pineapples, mangoes, sugarcane, guavas, and other wild fruits you read from any book or saw in any video and is accessible to Entanda, they will give it to you with smiles. You got it all. Just hit our inbox and www.jewelsafaris.com will arrange for your fun moments in Kijjudde. Ojule (you get full).


Entanda food teaching Entanda Luwombo


With  no additives, spices in preparation, forks, table knives when served, the traditional way our grandfathers used to enjoy this meal is the same way you will enjoy it and after wards you decide either to stay here to have same kind of meals prepared for you or take classes that are always provided at a fee for those interested. Once you taste this chicken, fish or meat luwombo the way our grandfathers ate, you may ignore washing your hands for some time.

Traditional music

Entanda dance Entanda dance 2


 If you believe in your dancing skills, this is the best place to be and with you as judge, be ready to be challenged by our own dancers here. Dancing to authentic music from the local instruments like drums in different sizes like long cylindrical drum(Engalabi ) , large drum (Embuutu), xylophons(Amadinda) for  good melodies, Endigidi(tube fiddle) , endere (flute),  Entongoli(bow lyre), cow horn(Engombe), small drums (Namunjoloba) beaten with two small sticks  to produce the sound that controls the flow, small drums (Empunyi) used for central beats.  Imagine music from these instruments combined.!!

Talks by senga and kojja (Aunt and uncle)

Entanda Kojja Entanda Senga

This is an adult ONLY session because its fully meant for bedroom issues. Many partners don’t get satisfied from performances of their loved ones and end up seeking for it from outside the relationship. Thus, rationale for constant heartbreaks. Do you love your family? Please get time and visit this community and learn techniques to blend and spice your relationship and have the closeness renewed. This responsibility of building up a youth to qualify for marriage is a responsibility for aunt for girls and uncle for boys that why its uncle and aunt who will handle you too since they have vast experience in these things.


entanda games Entanda games

When it comes to providing overload of thrilling practical moments, this community never disappoints. The moments you think it’s done; boom they bring another provoking one that’s sweeter that the other and you feel like not missing.  In this particular one, after all the day’s activity when you really begin thinking of home people or hotel or next destination, they drop in a football free participation game  with the locals for goat prize to be taken by winners. Sincerely would you leave that goat? And literally the winner takes the goat. So if you feel the Ronaldo or Messi in you, come and prove it to the hard core players of the community.


Entanda Hunting Entanda hunt

Hunting safe one though not to kill because the animals caught, photos with it are taken and are put back to the wilderness. But the moment here is the hunting experience. come give a try however, this is only done by men while ladies learn how to prepare food for the men who will be returning from hunting.

Tree planting.

You plant you tree and name it your name wow! Amazing! Jewel safaris planted its tree there already. Come plant yours too and leave a mark. Book yourself trip and we go to plant it.   info@jewelsafaris.com

Visit to honey hives.

Entanda honey entanda honey

Not only visiting but also harvesting it. The biggest part is tasting the unprocessed, nutritious honey direct from its hive and feel the difference not only in the sweetness but also the richness of it in the presence of the tongue. And so many more other interesting activities.  Welcome to our inbox and the itinerary to this beautiful community can be arranged for you.


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