Culture and Location

Busoga Flag

Busoga Flag

Basoga who live in the present districts lying between Lake Victoria and Lake Kyoga are the immediate neighbors of Buganda that covers the districts of Jinja, Kamuli, Iganga, Buyende, Kaliro, Mayuge and many others all making 12(twelve) districts. This tells why most of these sogie people are fishermen. They speak Lusoga dialect that’s closer to Luganda, lugwere. The people here are called Basoga.

Busoga is one of the few ancient Bantu kingdoms in Uganda that is found in the Eastern part of Uganda. The kingdom is surrounded by water bodies like Mpologoma river, Lake Victoria, and Lake Kyoga.

Kyabazinga William Nadiope-Busoga

Kyabazinga William Nadiope-IV

The king’s title of of Busoga is kyabazinga Isebantu and the current king is called William Kadhumbula Gabula Nadiope (IV) and his headquarters is in Bugembe. He is a grandson to the former Uganda’s Vice president as well as the former Kyabazinga of Busoga Wilberfoce Kadhumbula Nadiope.

Under him is the Katikiro who takes decrees from the Kayabazinga himself and fronts the execution of the kingdom’s activities and as well act as the spokesperson of the kingdom. This kingdom has had three kings from 1939 to date. For more about Busoga, kindly engage and we get trip to learn more about this kingdom ready.

Economically, Busoga’s capital Jinja gained more relevance due to cotton growing as well as refinery dating back to colonialism and up to today, Jinja has remained the most industrialized district in Uganda. Other crops grown here today include cotton, sugarcane, maize and so forth.


Kagulu Rock

Kagulu Rock Climbing- Busoga Stairs on Kagulu Rocks - Busoga
Rock Climbing on Kagulu Rocks Stairs on Kagulu Rocks

This was the first home area for the Bunyoro Basoga led by Omukama. It’s the best view point for the whole Busoga Kingdom. The rock has two rocks forking at the bottom and easy to climb because it has steps leading to the top.


Source of the Nile.

Source of Nile - Busoga

Source of Nile

The longest river in the world which is internationally recognized as the best attraction is found in Busoga land. How lucky these fellas can be to have its source in their land. This river was discovered by John Speke in the early years. There are several activities here like boat launch, camping, kayaking, rafting and so many more.


Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria - Busoga

Lake Victoria

The southern parts of this kingdom are bordering Lake Victoria and so its just a waterbodies surrounded kingdom that accounts for its beautiful nature. There’s is plenty of fish to all who visit Jinja. With a lot that can happen in this lake like boat launch, sport fishing and so many more. Swimming was banned because of the water infections.


Budhumbula shrine and palace.

Budhumbula Palace - Busoga Kyabazinga Royal Palace - Busoga
Budhumbula Palace entrance Budhumbula Palace

Located few kilometers along Jinja-Kamuli found kingdom shrine and residence of the former kyabazinga Nadiope William Wilberforce who died in 1976. This shrine has the graves of the royal members including Nadiope’s father and mother. Other graves include Nadiope’s son,, former  Uganda government minister Wilson Nadiope died in 1991 his mother and others.


Bujagali Falls

Bujagali Falls - Busoga Bujagali Falls - Busoga
Bujagali Falls Bujagali Falls

These falls were submerged in 2011 into Bujagali dam but it is a good site for rafting and photography. Find time to visit it.


Itanda falls.

The fun hunters’ theater of fun. This ranges from canoeing, kayaking, white water rafting to a lot more activities of un endless fun. Make it concern to visit it and join the team like Province William of Great Britain


Miss Tourism Busoga

Miss Tourism Busoga Miss Tourism Busoga
Miss Tourism Busoga participants carrying out charity Miss Tourism Busoga participants

The yearly arranged event that’s intended to market the beauty of Busoga’s rich tourism side is one of the kinds that is so immense that it showcases different aspects about the Basoga in general and these can include the dressing code, meal arrangement, the art and craft, and so many more areas that were not so known. All these are meant to revive or awaken the beautiful part of the seemingly unforgotten tourism original authenticity of this beautiful and powerful kingdom.


Everyone except the ones in towns produce their own food. And foods grown include yams, cassava, matooke, potatoes and extra. When meal time comes in, the following are served in different delicious served meal that should bring a lot of the appetite.

For breakfast, cup of tea or porridge for millet, posho, soya that is nutritiously good for the body. For lunch and supper, popular dishes include matooke (a staple made from bananas), millet bread, maize floor bread (duuma), cassava(obwiita), sweet potatoes(embooli), and freshwater fish because these people are water bodies neighbor’s, fish cannot miss in a meal.

Other foods are: yams, corn, cabbage, pumpkin, tomatoes, millet, peas, sorghum, beans, groundnuts (peanuts), goat meat, and milk. Oranges, lemons, and pineapples also are grown and consumed this makes Busoga the arena of fruits and good food that each one coming to Uganda should not miss to taste because they are finger leaking taste. The meals made by women and girls and traditionally, food is cooked in an open place or grass thatched house and firewood is used; The national drink is waragi, a banana gin. This is the same food restaurants too prepare but not traditionally like the way Basoga prepare theirs.

Cooked sweet potatoes and steamed.

Sweet potatoes and bean stew - Busoga Groundnut Stew - Busoga
Sweet potatoes and bean stew Groundnut Stew

Cooked almost like Luwombo wrapped in the banana leaves, the most popular meal amongst the Basoga is sweet potatoes and these are eaten with peanut or groundnuts as sauce that is so yummy, tasty, delicious and nutritious. This is so nice to have in every meal that all restaurants make it available in their dishes on a daily basis.


Groundnuts or peanuts.

Pounded, ground and mixed with few ingredients like tomatoes, water and many more that makes it a very tasty sauce that matches the taste of the steamed sweet potatoes and it’s so nutritious for the body and it’s the rationales for the good looks of the Basoga people. Want it? and your good to visit this beautifully endowed kingdom.


Mostly seen dressed in Kanzus and gomasi, the smartly looking Basoga people also borrowed the busuti/gomesi and kanzu dressing type from the Arabs that makes them also cool dressed like the Baganda. These dressing are always done when going for kwajula/traditional marriage introduction, when there is an event at the Kyabazinga’s palace and so many more official events that call for such kind of dressing. Kanzus and Gomesi are the Basoga dressing attire.