Buganda kingdom guiding information.

Buganda is one of the oldest, largest, rich ethnic organized kingdom ever known in the traditional and cultural set up of Uganda. It covers the central districts of Kampala, Wakiso,Mukono, Kayunga and so many others.  it is mostly surrounded by Lake Victoria.

It as a kingdom is led by the King (Kabaka) Ssabasajja Ronald Mwenda Mutebi II who sits as top administrator with its palace at Bulange Mengo.

Below the Kabaka is his wife  the queen known as Nabagereka Naginda Sylvia. after the royal family comes the the prime minister (the Katikiro) and  the current one is Owekitibwa Charles Peter Mayiga. He is responsible for all the kingdom’s daily managements of events.

Even in the absence of the Kabaka, queen and extra, he is in charge of the whole kingdom.  The language spoken is Luganda which is Bantu dialect thus making them the Bantu ground.

Kabaka and the Katikiiro- Buganda

Kabaka and the Katikiiro- Buganda sharing a moment at one of the Buganda Kingdom’s occasions

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Buganda kingdom cultures and traditions.

Dress code

Baganda originally used to put on bark cloth but when the Arabs introduced new atires, Buganda adopted them. The adopted attires include the gomesi for ladies and kanzu for males.t

  Today, the Baganda’s cultural and traditional wear are Kanzu, Gomesi, Busuuti which are mostly worn on big events at Bulange Mengo, coronation events and so many more.

Apparently, the cultural dress for any Muganda for any Kingdom occasion is kanzu,and busuuti for men and gomesi for ladies.

Kanzu and Gomesi-Buganda

Men dressed in Kanzus and women in gomesi attending a traditional marriage

Food (Emmere).

The famous luwombo dish which is either made of fish, chicken, mushroom or meat is dominantly prepared in Buganda. Luwombo preparation has series of activities. one preparing it has to wrap either fish, meat, chicken or mushrooms in banana leaves and cook them using a  saucepan.

This is wrapped so as in order to keep all that will go in steam away intact thus keeping the appetite doubling aroma making it more delicious. when its ready, its soup, spices all remain intact and cannot escape from that leaf.

Some also  prepare it in kinyebwa (groundnuts) pasted in their meat, dry fish that gives one a finger leaking meal.

Another one is Rolex. this is one of the famous delicacies in Buganda. The famous Rolex delicacy is simply fried chapatis combined with variety of ingredients like eggs fried in with cabbage, tomatoes, onions etc. Found everywhere in  Uganda’s capital don’t miss tasting it while in Kampala because it will leave  you yearning for more.

Buganda tourism

The Baganda’s staple good is matooke that’s is also smashed mostly eaten with luwombo. Its preparations that includes peeling, wrapping and smashing is also unique experience of its own.

While on your stay in Uganda, don’t leave without asking for these foods. They also do have food like Nakati

Dances (Amazina).

Buganda-cultural dance

Buganda-cultural dance

Many dances, folk songs originate in Buganda. Most of which are sung are Luganda. amongst many dances are empere, Kiganda dance and other unique dances are just a thrill to take part in.

The sound comes in from the variety of mixed instruments. These instruments include: drums which  differ in sizes like long cylindrical drum(Engalabi) this adds color and texture for accompaniment.

Th large drum (Embuutu), , xylophons(Amadinda)to give good melodies, Endigidi(tube fiddle )also for melody, endere (flute). More instruments are  Entongoli(bow lyre) also for melody, cow horn(Engombe), a small drums (Namunjoloba) beaten with two small sticks  to produce the sound that controls the flow.

Small drums (Empunyi) used for central beats.

The instrumentalists and dancers always also have the attire to put on that brings about the message being passed out in the dances and music. This music always had a tale it put across that one should look out while its being presented to see how it ends which is always climax.


Buganda is harbours even the capital city of Uganda which makes it for fun to visit it just to explore the beauty about Buganda kingdom. Here the best part are the

Nakayima tree in Mubende is believed to have stayed for 400 years and got its name from princess Nakayima. Princess Nakayima is believed to have disappeared on a hill where this tree sits on.

And also this tree is believed to have a spirit of Ndahura the god of small pox. However, a lot is said about this tree which gives reason to visit. Feel free to hit our email box Jewel safaris .

The Kasubi tombs which is the burial grounds for only the Buganda kings who had ruled Buganda from the colonial era up to today and other members of the royal family.

This makes it a vital spiritual and political site as well as a traditional architecture.  Inside it bears several photos of all different kings who passed on and buried inside and a lot of stuff about them.

kasubi Tombs-Buganda

Kasubi Tombs in Buganda

The Bulange Mengo (Kabaka’s palace) amongst all the palaces the Kabaka of Buganda has, the most prominent one enriched with most of the Buganda kingdoms artworks. It’s were the lukiiko (the Buganda parliament is located).

And in  front of Bulange Mengo stands the statue of the current kingdom which is better for photography, visit to his chamber of administration.

Tourist sites.

The man made Kabaka’s lake. This is among the only man-made lakes found in the central parts of the country.  This lake was purposely in favour of Kabaka Mwanga who loved water sport on top of other reasons like enrich the beauty of Buganda’s kingdom, provide fish for the king and his people as well for water provision for his people.

Its located in Ndeeba a Kampala suburb.

Kabaka's Lake-Buganda

Kabaka’s Lake

Wamala tombs

This is found in central Kampala suburb Nansana however much is little is known about these tombs, this is a place of interested in learning and exploring Buganda’s richness should visit.

This is too a burial ground where Kabaka Mutesa 1’s father and Suuna his predecessor were buried. Its located in one beautifully attractive built traditional, grass thatched and doomed building.

Its next to where tomb where Namasole the kings mother was buried who he king was too fond and possessive of. Displayed in them are royal artifacts, like spears, drums and other musical instruments.

Nagalabbi Buddo coronation site.

Located in short drive distance to Masaka, found a coronation site with several  built in huts with Kasubi make is  coronation site for all the kings who have ever ruled Buganda including the current one Ssabasajja Ronald Mwenda the second as speculated in accordance to the Ghanda culture and tradition .there is also a natural throne  from a tree root.  Book a trip to go and learn more on ground.

Other attractions in Buganda Kingdom.

 Katereke prison

Namugongo martyrs shine

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