Best moments of boat cruise in Uganda.

Nothing rewarding like a ride on an open roofed and sided boats offering spectacular scenic views on both sides. The best way to feel the cool breezes, see the water based animals, the rich bird species and so much priceless spectacular incredible views only sighted at the bottoms of the Murchison falls.
A boat ride on the rich sparkling waters of the Nile River to the bottom of the falls is so wow! Your safari to the magnificent most endowed Murchison falls national park will see you have the boat launch or cruise to the bottom of the most praised yet truly beautiful falls “Murchison falls.”

We have a 3 days safari to Murchison falls national park and there is time allocated for boat cruise to the bottom of the falls. You can book today with Jewel safaris your safari to Murchison falls national park and do Boat cruise on the famous historic Nile River to the bottom of the falls.

Beauty defined…

Getting on a boat cruise to the bottom of the oldest and largest game park in Uganda “Murchison falls national park” is such a remarkable activity. It guarantees you sights of wildlife but you cannot tell how and when you will spot them.

Each of the passengers on the boat is given a life jacket for emergency which is just among the measures to ensure that passengers on a boat cruise are safer. This all a good tendency to keep safe whilst you are on the boat.

Cost,timings of a boat cruise/tour at Murchison falls.

As interesting as boat cruise to the bottom of the falls is, it is so much affordable because the cover charge for the activity is Just 30$ per person/head. This 30$ excludes refreshments, snacks but are also available of the boat cruise at a fee.

The boat cruise operates under very tight schedules and kindly contact Jewel safaris for trip planning to ensure that you are not left out. The morning and afternoon ride start at 9AM and 2PM respectively.

The boat cruise lasts for a total of 2 to 3 hours depending on how fast the boat moves and the direction. when it’s going to the bottom of the falls, its relatively slower because it is opposing the direction of the flowing water but on return,  its faster since its moving to the same direction of flow of water.


Don’t forget to look out for animals coming to drink water at the river shores. You will see a lot of these animals drinking water at the river banks.

Actually boat cruise during dry season are more rewarding than the wet season since animals tend to hide during we season than dry season.

What to see on a boat cruise at Murchison falls national park.

It’s a great wildlife viewing point and the moment is wow despite its ecstasy around the bottom of Murchison Falls. There are also a lot of events that transpired at the bottom ad top of this Murchison falls that your tour guide will tell you in full depth.

From here, you will get the best incredibly remarkable spectacular scenic views of this Waterfalls. One of the most explosive in the whole world. You will take lifetime photographs from here.

Those that want to see what happens behind the waterfalls can take a hike to the top of the falls and see how the water squeezes itself from that narrow gorge to plunge down into a waterfall.

The only exception is your guide has to pick you from the top and you will not be able to return with the boat. You should communicate to him earlier about it. Most of them also know about this and any good guide will guide you on how to pull this off.

water roars down the Gorge..

Taking a boat cruise on River Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls is a lifetime experience that won’t get washed off your memory easily. It’s worth the time and money.

Try it out and you will not regret. Contact us at Jewel safaris today for the kind of the safari you have been searching for in every destination visited but in vain. You are in the pearl of Africa now the home of the wilderness incredibility beauty.

Packages in offer.

2 Days Murchison falls safari

2 3 Days Murchison falls safari wildlife Uganda

4 Days Murchison falls safari wildlife Uganda