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Beauty of Waterfalls in Uganda

All life’s best thrilling moments are wholly found in Uganda “The Pearl of Africa” the different altitudes exhibit Uganda’s natural beauty. Waterfalls in Uganda are termed as one of the most interestingly mind-blowing attractions, full of breathtaking refreshing appearances, cool serenity and atmosphere around the falls all best for relaxation and stress relief. Uganda is endowed with several water falls that are peculiarly filled with beauty, turbulence and powerful rapids. These falls are spread all over the country with at least an opportunity to see one at any part of the country. They differ in sizes that include: height, length, width all offering beautiful experience. The waterfalls include;

Itanda falls.

Itanda Falls -Waterfalls in Uganda

Itanda Falls

This is a kayakers and rafters theatre of awesome experiences. If you asked Prince William of the Great Britain about Uganda, I’m so sure he only tells you about these waterfalls. Located on the great river Nile, Itanda falls is a palace of thrilling experiences that cannot be avoided. Upon reaching here, it turns one into a preacher of how beautiful Uganda is. With violent, powerful rapids on the flowing falls, this is where kayakers and white water rafting is fully carried out at a very cheap cost. Contact and your trip shall be arranged and be like the Prince of Great Britain.  The powerful waterfall is found in Jinja just 2hours drive from Kampala the capital city. Jinja is among the biggest city in Uganda.

Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls - Waterfalls In Uganda

Murchison Falls

The height of these falls is not so relevant to many visitors who visit this place because they rarely ask however, the waterfalls are mostly known for the vigorous violent power that it forces large volumes of water to go through a very narrow path that  makes it to make very loud sound, mind refreshing, beautiful. Many do not know even or remember the height of this falls of 40m because the beauty there can put any one’s mind into standstill and speechless. It also picks its water from the Mighty Nile and Lake Victoria. It’s as well part of the Murchison Falls national park. Other activities here at this park include; sport fishing, game drives, boat launch, nature walks. And many more activities.

Ssezibwa Falls

Ssezibwa Falls - Waterfalls in Uganda

Ssezibwa Falls

Located in Buikwe district and culturally affiliated to Buganda kingdom norms and traditions is a Sezibwa falls that gets its water from river Sezibwa which is 35km east of Kampala.

The powerfully beautiful waterfall has its water drop from a colorful quartzite rocks before creating two channels of flow at the bottom. Although once a cultural attraction now is being run as an ecotourism project. With several activities that can be carried out here, the most beautiful part is nature walks, bird watching, the natural shower from sprinkling water from the falls make it more experiential and give reasons to visit. It can be a stopover to any Eastern Uganda tour if time allows.

Other activities here include; bird watching, rock climbing, tea plantations tour, forestry study and many more


Bujagali Falls

Bujagali Falls - Waterfalls in Uganda

Bujagali Falls

These purely and extremely beautiful turbulent falls because of their series of large rapids which are a delight to many sightseers and rafters. It’s one stop place catch first time fun store memories and also all meet new friends who have come on the same cause of having fun, Jinja is the place where one can find it.

Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls - Waterfalls in Uganda

Sipi Falls

The beautiful jewels of Africa termed as the “romantic falls” hanging tall in the hilly areas of Kapchorwa in Eastern Uganda facing Mbale. The longest waterfalls in East Africa, with the rainbow at its bottom, natural showers, best sight they have offered, one cannot resist to reach to these falls. With natural swimming pool as well as natural bride where the water flew from underground for some distance.

Kisizi Waterfall

Kisizi Waterfall - Waterfalls in Uganda

Kisizi Waterfall

The 30m high waterfall is located in Rukungiri lying on the Kyabambe River. With a pretty view, peaceful forested surrounding characterized by pleasant rambling beautiful waterfalls. The loving atmosphere though it was a torture site for girls who lost the most profitable and respected virginity. To the Bakiga endowed the virginity thus loading it or incase the girl got pregnant before marriage, she would face it rough at the falls. For more about it, visit


Karuma Falls.

karuma Falls - Waterfalls in Uganda

karuma Falls

Located along Kampala- Gulu highway, the beautiful openly located falls pleasantly tells more why Uganda is called The Pearl of Africa. Many who have gone passed it along Gulu highway can bear witness. The waterfalls has grumbling water that smoothly flow from the source of the Nile. These falls are also part of Murchison Falls National park that tells one how awesome it’s to visit Murchison falls national park so as to observe and take part in all activities that the national park offers to bestow during ones stay at the destination.

Amabere Falls.

Amabere Falls - Waterfalls In Uganda

Amabere Falls

The beauty of these falls can be only seen in Kabarole/ Fortportal next to Amabere ga Nyina Mweru caves where they are located. These falls are uniquely an epitome of nature’s beauty. In addition, this destination has a beautiful story told explaining its formation. The tale is about the locally interpreted or perceived formation of the geographical features of stalagmites and stalactites, book with to know about this story. The story talks about the difficult and protective king who only had one daughter and never wanted her to get married and was only to his shock and surprised seeing the daughter pregnant and yet she had never left the premises to meet any young man outside. The for about this story,

These are also worth visiting and include

  • Mahoma waterfall in Fort Portal which is small but attractive with a great natural power-shower,
  • Mungiro water falls in Semiliki National Park,
  • Nkusi water falls which pours into Lake Albert,
  • Mpanga falls
  • Simu and sis falls got in Sironko Mbale municipality
  • Sisi falls

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