Ever thought of seeing the mongoose with ease? Well there is an opportunity at Queen Elizabeth national park at the Mweya peninsula. Banded Mongoose safari is among the top best activities that a traveler can ever engage him/herself while on a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park. Spending a morning or afternoon on the Mweya Peninsula with Banded Mongoose Researchers is certainly an activity that is off of the beaten tourist track and unusual from other activities. Many travelers that have taken part in visiting the banded mongoose research have never regretted instead want to repeatedly visit. Above it all when you visit here, you will see other wildlife and the magically beautiful scenery at the stunning Kazinga channel with such an amazing sight offered.

Banded Mongoose safari Banded Mongoose safari

The Banded Mongoose safari can only be done at the Mweya peninsula found at the Kazinga channel of the Queen Elizabeth national park. This is just a whole pool of beauty in one place. From an exciting experiential activity to another.

Ideally described as the best place for seeing the mongoose, mongoose are characterized by its large head and at the same time small ears.  The banded mongoose is a tough and agile creature and has a long tail, almost as long as the whole body. The banded mongoose have long claws that they use for digging and even defend themselves from the attacks. They are about the size of a small cat and live in extended family groups of around twenty adults plus their offspring. Each group or family sleeps together each night in a communal underground den, changing between den sites every 3-5 days. They emerge at sunrise and forage together in the morning and afternoon before returning to the den at sunset.

Banded Mongoose safari

The Mweya Peninsula supports a population of over 400 banded mongooses living in twelve social groups. The banded Mongoose Research Project is run by the universities of Cambridge, Exeter and Zürich. The banded mongoose are small mammals with gigantic appetites and complex social and communication systems which fascinate wildlife researchers. Working in groups of up to four people, participants will have the opportunity to accompany the researchers through areas of the park normally off-limits to tourists, and record the behavior of these highly social creatures while on your Banded Mongoose safari. Additionally, they will learn to identify individuals, register their weight, record weather, surroundings and location, and monitor the mongooses’ behavior. As well as enjoying a thrilling experience, visitors can also make a valuable contribution to a longstanding research project, as the data collected will be used by the researchers at the Banded Mongoose Research Project. This supports the ongoing research and conservation at Mweya. Sessions last between 1-3 hours and tracking is possible at 7am or 5pm, however, morning sessions tend to be more active and are more likely to last longer.

Banded Mongoose safari Banded Mongoose safari

Spending time with at the best site to have a sight of the Banded mongoose in Uganda is not rarely done by many so all you need to do is to let us at Jewel safaris know and we shall have the itinerary made specifically for you and you will have a 3 hour banded mongoose Trek. The many travelers that Jewel safaris has taken here are so excited and loved the experience and it’s your time too.  All you need to do is to let us know that you like to spend a morning or afternoon with the mongoose and we will work it in to your safari itinerary.

A Banded Mongoose safari costs USD 30 for a period of between 1- 3 hours. Let the Jewel safaris team know if to add it on your itinerary.

Have fun at the pearl of Africa (Uganda).