As early as 06:00am on a normal day, a mountain gorilla welcomes a new day embracing the sunrise in the Jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable national park. Unlike for humans who only have sketchy eaten on rush hour breakfast, get to work then food comes later usually in the afternoon termed as lunch. For mountain gorillas, their biggest portion of morning hours are spent travelling searching for food to eat.

The food eaten by mountain gorillas include; herbs, vines, shrubs, stems of forest trees and weeds, occasionally fruits are eaten and ants supplement the meal. In some months of the year, the mountain gorilla’s diet is supplemented by Bamboo plant. The male gorilla alone feeds about 20 kilograms of food in a day.

In a mountain gorilla day, it spends about 30% time eating, 30% travelling or moving searching for this food and 40% resting. During the movement time, they rarely move out of their territory that is usually about 20 square kilometers rather they do roam within the gorilla family’s territories.

The 40% time in the day’s portion is spent resting which is usually the best moment in each family group because it’s the best time for bonding with the young ones, do recreation activities like wrestling with each other till one is brought down, give hugs. This is the best time for integrating the young ones into the gorilla family group.

The 30% movement time that calls for 30% time for feeding also makes the gorilla trekking safari locating them so lengthy but worthy doing  because after meeting them, you will definitely forget the challenging trails, the dew soaked weeds along them and instead wish gorilla tracking safaris and gorillas trekking tours could happen to you on daily basis.


At the end of the day, just before dusk, the great giants in the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable national park the mountain gorillas start constructing a nest where they will spend their night. Every single gorilla has its own nest, except for the infants who sleep next to their mothers. Nests are built on the ground or in trees and are carefully constructed by branches of bushes and other plants.

This is the chain of activities of the mountain gorilla on any day in any of these parks. Wake up, begin the movement looking for food, then after satisfaction in the late afternoon, they get the resting time integrating young ones engaging wrestles with one another, give hugs, and hit one another. So when you go for the gorilla trekking activity. All these the above you to anticipate on what exactly you should find the mountain gorilla doing by the time you reach to where they are. For any inquiries or booking details, feel relaxed to contact at Jewel safaris limited for an ultimate response and gorilla trekking tour or gorilla tracking safari.