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East Africa is not a single country but rather made up of several countries that include Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and many more others.  With its picture-perfect beaches, impressive cities, and diverse wildlife, makes for a flawless vacation destination. The region provides some of the best cuisine, art, and culture on the continent, and tourists are able to while their days away on the. Before booking your ticket, check out these things that you need to know before traveling to East Africa. Media and films have tried tom taint our beauty but no on fights the beautiful nature meant to remain beautiful and wins it for always. The region is far different from what has been said, aired, written or played on movie scenes. Now are you are a follower of media or the first-hand information look out fella. Answer is in your hands but for us at Jewel safaris limited, we assure you that you will turn into a preacher upon visiting this region. Let’s meet up in East Africa. Bookings and inquiries? Welcome to

East Africa the world’s most gorgeous region.

Home to the most romantic sites talk of Sipi falls, Ngorongoro crater, Mount Kenya, Mountains of the Moon, the home source of the Nile river, the beautiful Lake Kivu, the scenic Lake Mutanda and Lake Bunyonyi and several others. This is the only region in Africa where the world’s long age appearances are still intact.  East Africa is the best place for getting a lifetime memorable experience and attractions here are characterized by Panoramic vistas, waterfalls, white-sand beaches in Ssese island, Lake Kivu beaches, Entebbe beaches, the Zanzibar and several others., turquoise waters, rolling green hills, volcanic summits, and gleaming city centers are scattered throughout the region. This is the dream destination that you have always looked out for to visit. We are ready to be with you in this trip memorable experience. Been to any or all or would like to visit one or all of them, welcome to our inbox and let’s talk.


Find those hidden gems

A lot of tourists get to the region with the intention of doing only the most popular activities. For a better travel experience, get off the well-trodden (and often expensive) tourist track, and search out East Africa’s most exciting For example, instead of (or in addition to) hiking with mountain gorillas in Rwanda, doing a Big 5 safari in the Serengeti or Maasai Mara in Tanzania and Kenya, and sunning yourself on the beaches of Zanzibar, look into kayaking the shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda, swimming with whale sharks on Mafia Island in Tanzania, and exploring the ancient streets of Lamu in Kenya.

Region with stylish cities.

Though this region is most famously known for the best safaris experiences, there is more in the cosmopolitan side as it’s beyond the way you have always perceived because East Africa as a region has a lot to offer city-dwellers too. Get ready to hit the town in the most urban way while in East Africa. The most remarkable towns here include the hilly city of Kigali, the peaceful Nairobi, the busy Dar es Salaam and the not sleeping Kampala that are best known for the best art, culture, food, and music on the continent.


 Photography rules in east Africa

When one talks about this East Africa region, it is every photographer’s dream because they have an opportunity to capture the wild memories, nature’s beauty and the best of it all taking photos of the animals you see on safari and the gorgeous sunsets however, photos of locals visited may be during the village walks, community walks or city tours, capture locals photos after getting their consent or permission because they have a different perception in regards to taking photos unnecessarily hence they may get furious and inquire why there photos are being captured and will possibly lead to commotion  thus when doing photography, these are some of the  things that need to be put under consideration. You can only get in touch with us at  for the more carefully guided yet experiential trip in this region.

East Africa offers more than safaris

Yes this is the best region for safaris to view the big 5 (lions, leopards, elephants, rhino and buffaloes), the big cats, the gorilla trekking safaris, chimpanzees and primates tracking and several others however safaris, East Africa is the hub for the best times in night life, art viewing, culture experience, culinary tourism and the best relaxation point of experience is also in this part of the world. Spend some time hanging out on the beaches of Kenya, hiking volcanoes in Rwanda, and exploring Kampala’s coolest cafés. This is the most profound destination for any travelers’ deals of lifetime memories. Let’s visit the region together. Feel free to contact us via our inbox at and let’s begin the plans to arrange the most outstanding safari of 2019.

East Africa is not a country

This region has been regarded by many such as international visitors, the travel agents, the tour operators and other agencies and individuals however, East Africa is made up of several countries like the remarkable Rwanda, the pearl of Africa (Uganda|), Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, and  the magical Kenya which differed in the different aspects like in history, traditions, languages though Kiswahili tend to cut across the region, it’s not yet an official language generally applied and customs. Considerably, its wont sound nice to the citizens of these countries to hear their countries not mentioned but rather east African country hence it’s cleared. To visit them all and establish why it’s hard to make it one country in line with the aspects of life mentioned, talk to us to book your trip on our inbox

Home to great culinary choices.

East Africa is a final destination to mouthwatering meals that vary from the local in organic endemic foods to the region alone to international widely cooked dishes. Have you ever had a great taste of Rolex, luwombo, katogo, gonja, matooke (plantain smashes), sweet potatoes, sukuma, yams, ugali and several others, this is the best place to have them all in your table. This is a global melting pot for all you have always watched on CNN, BBC, NTV, NBS, Citizen TV and others on culinary shows. The region is the also avails normal best known dishes like   Arabic, Indian, British, Chinese, Belgian, French, and German and several others. You can get to taste all this foods once you enter the real good restaurant in this region however, value the health and hygiene of the restaurant since some do not maintain it to the standard required. Let the safari begin by you booking your trip today by coming to our inbox


 Arts and music

Africa’s continental big names in the music and entertainment sector originate from east African region, talk of the music doctor Dr. Jose Chameleon, Eddy Kenzo, Bebe cool, musician turned politician Bobi wine and several others from Uganda, Sauti Sol one of Kenya’s hottest bands, Diamond platinum, and many others in Tanzania all these shake the musical atmosphere of the world with their original African sound productions and the music that will keep you on your feet dancing the whole night. And in areas of performances, some of the region’s most electric shows, while Rwanda’s art and scene is continually growing, and Zanzibar artistic tradition is unparalleled. While on an African safari, don’t miss up attending mostly the annual events that brings most of them together. Book a trip with us or make inquiries of any events with us and we shall involve it in your itinerary. Our information and bookings desks await for your contact on our inbox

Stop assuming.

Many media houses for whatever reasons have tried to tarnish out our vast beautiful identity with cases like we are war faced, disease infiltrated disputes are never ending, famine is always rampant, that is the only part they want to uncover up and show to the world but they hide the rich, magnificent, adoring, romantic and most looked out for place all over the earth part and leave it uncovered hence ignore the claims and the write up or even the movies scene. East Africa has such cases but minimal and when on an African safari, remain aware of your own privilege while you are traveling, but don’t assume that everyone you meet is poor, starving, and uneducated, and remember that East Africa is not homogeneous. You won’t know this region on your own but rather you need the best knowledgeable tour operator to navigate and guide you all through the region and that is us at Jewel Safaris Limited and our inbox awaits your contact on and the whole arrangement kicks off immediately.

Get ready to shop

Just like the activities and attractions, the souvenirs, handcrafted items and others like in East Africa are undoubtedly some of the world’s best, take the time to indulge in a little shopping, too. Handcrafted leather bags, intricate jewelry, and woven baskets. Make sure to check out Amahoro peace baskets in paintings in Tanzania, crafts market in Uganda, wooden crafts in Burundi, and brass jewelry in Kenya. This are the best places amongst many where you can have your best present for home people in the country of origin bought. They are cheap and affordable but yet so durable and amazingly beautiful to ignore purchasing. These products are all available at any time of the year and they are just improved day by day what you need is what they offer to you thus making east Africa the best shopping hub too. Go shopping in east Africa with the best African navigating tour guides of Jewel Safaris Limited for the more hilarious fun, take a crazy company mates.

No matter your reason of travel, the best east African region is the home to your exciting activities, attractions, services, and facilities and culinary from Rolex, ugali, luwombo and several others. The wildlife is the one afar from the ordinary you cannot leave this region with the same tone of voice and body language used when entry at the airport rather something has to happen to you that will change the way you think, speak and do several thing to make sure that you get the very best it as to offer once you have a moment of tasting it. Be the real tourist here in this region that is open to have the best experiences and memories in the African region of eastern. The best memories for the best tourist can be guaranteed by the great touch of a great tour operator in the region in planning and arranging the trip. This is us at Jewel safaris limited and for anything you want to know about this region, we are ready at the information desk and reservations and bookings desk. Get us on our inbox at and we are good to have your safari customized to rejuvenate your thrilling side you missed for long in the eastern region of Africa.


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