East Africa-Uganda is a true Birding Safaris destination. Located at the approximate centre of the continent, East Africa attracts migrants from the North and South.

shoe bills in Uganda - Birding Safaris

Uganda is the richest country for birds in Africa. It has almost half the species known on the African continent and over 10% of those recorded throughout the entire world. Over 1,000 species of birds have been recorded to exist in the country. Some of the exciting species you will view include birds of water and land shore, birds of scrub and woodland, forest birds and birds of the open plain, making Uganda an extreme Birding Safaris destination.

If you are a bird lover, then East Africa is the destination that will make your dream come true. Our excellent guides will add flavor to your own experience in your Birding Safaris. Be our dear guest!



Other Trips


5 days Bwindi -Lake Mburo  gallery 2
Day 3 –Gorilla tracking safari  
Wake up relatively early for a heavy breakfast to give you the energy needed for gorilla tracking. Before 8:00 am report to the ranger station for registration and a talk by one of the rangers; the guides will then take you through the bush pushing your way through the undergrowth, parting thick creepers, to track the gorillas……[Click here for details of this ….]Inquire About this
A 3 DAY MURCHISON FALLS  murchison falls

Day 3The Game Drive and Boat Cruise
After breakfast, you will be driven to northern part of the park for a game drive. View Buffaloes, Elephants, Lions, Bushbucks, Leopards, Oribs, Jackson heartbeast and a variety of bird species. In the afternoon, take a boat ride to the base of the falls. This will allow you to you to get close with the animals. Among them, you will see the hippos in addition to some enormous Nile crocodiles……[Click here for details of this ….]


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Day 3The Uganda gorilla safari tracking
In the morning,  encounter the gorilla tracking which can take you the whole day, here you will go with packed lunch come back, afternoon you can do community walk dinner overnight to the Gorilla resort…[Click here for details of this tour….]Inquire About this
Day 3: Climb- to Nyabitaba through Bakonjo homestead
After breakfast we shall begin to climb- to Nyabitaba Hut (2650m) and proceed to Nyakalengija trailhead (1600m). Make final arrangements for a guide and porters. Begin hiking up to Nyabitaba hut; walk through the banana shambas on the side of the steep foothills, past the typical Bakonjo homesteads with the children waving you on…Inquire About this
Day 3
After break fast, we shall move into the Forest, for Chimpanzee trekking. The activity starts at 8.00 am in the morning. An half day search for chimpanzees and other primates including phoestes, Red-Colobus, Blues, Redtailed and grey cheeked Mangabey swinging through the dense forest and Birds, butterflies and many small insects. The guide will provide detailed explanations on not only primates, but also on all the forest’s fauna and flora……[Click here for details of this….]

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In order for you to enjoy this safari you are supposed to arrive early in the morning at Entebbe international airport. This is where you shall meet with our guide for a small briefing. The Jewel Safari guide will drive you to Jinja, East of Kampala passing coffee, tea and sugar plantations. The first stop is the Mabira forest, here you will be able to see the primates, birds and butterflies. Continue to the Source of the Nile……[Click here for details of this….]

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