While in Uganda Kampala, just keep your eyes quite busy seeing the good things and beauty everywhere. This city and country at large is filled with places where you can buy African Arts and Crafts and Souvenirs like carvings, baskets, weaving, fabrics, t-shirts and much more that are offered for sale.

Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts

Though there are scattered points of sale, markets and stores also focus on selling variety of Art and Crafts, and Souvenirs that will remind you of your visit to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda.

In the midst of all the Ugandan Art and Crafts, Souvenirs there are also some imported from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya such as soapstone crafts – bracelets and other African type Jewelry but at the end of the day you are taking home a piece of Africa as a souvenir or gift for someone as a reminder of your visit to beautiful endowed Uganda.

These arts and crafts found all over the country and your purchases of African Arts and Crafts and Souvenirs will impact the lives of those who created it and their families and the person you are purchasing it from.  The items to be purchased of arts and crafts, souvenirs, and gifts impact the lives of ordinary Ugandans and most of them are created by hand and them are; beads or earrings, bangles in the West handmade are costly but look awesomely made, handmade drums, of various sizes, weapons such as spears, carved items, items using bark cloth, banana leaves shaped into Christmas crèches to Greetings Cards –items made of gourds, African musical instruments, paintings, batik and many a lot more.to mention. Explore for yourself with www.jewelsafaris.com  and enjoy.

Uganda Arts & Crafts Village: 

Uganda Arts and Crafts Village Uganda Arts and Crafts Village

The Pearl of Africa is full of uniqueness in products with assortment of various craft works and artistic wonders on display, this is situated just behind National Theater in Kampala. With the sellers here, one has room for bargaining though not as open bargaining as you can at the Friday Craft Market. With the reasonable prices on various handicrafts from wood carvings to leather items, Ugandan shirts and dresses, even Ugandan chairs and small tables that are nicely carved with a village or wildlife scene. This is one of the oldest and most established places in Kampala where you can buy various handicrafts. Compare the prices between shops and you just might come out ahead.

Exposure Africa: 

Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts

This one is situated along Buganda Road and is the biggest and leading arts and crafts market in Kampala Though a few are locally made in Uganda, but most of them are imported from countries like; Kenya and the sellers with smiling faces would deny that (anything made of soapstone comes from the town of Tabaka in Kenya for example).  It is a lovely place to find so many items and variety of products in one place.  Something that should be most satisfying to most tourists.

Friday Craft Market:

Arts and Crafts

Every Friday in Nsambya along Ggaba Road is arts and crafts market day. Pass by while on a Uganda safari because these is more that the real African artworks representation but the love for the authenticity in uniqueness of African products. While here, you have assurance of dealing face to face with the real arts and crafts maker or artisan hence bargaining is possible but don’t over bargain. You can easily spend a few enjoyable hours here.  If you are in Kampala do not miss the Friday Craft Market – not only can you buy some great handicrafts here but is also a cultural experience especially when you enter the ancient dance of bargaining….enjoy.

Uganda Crafts-2000 LTD:

Arts and Crafts

These are located along Bombo Road, Kampala. This is a non-profit fair trade store that sells hundreds of handmade items that are made from leather, wood, cane, banana leaves The most delightful item story here is it is the sales point by the marginalized, disadvantaged, People with disabilities, widows, orphans those living with HIV  thus any of the item you purchase helps them to create and sustain jobs for them and also any purchase you make will avail them with funds that will improve on their standards of living for the  artisans who that made  the various items displayed for sale at Uganda crafts-2000 LTD. The items offered for sale are from Ugandan, Kenyan and Congolese art and crafts items.

Banana Boat:

Arts and Crafts Arts and Crafts

This one has several locations like Garden city shopping mall, Lugogo mall, kisementi and many other scattered sales pints. They offer items for sale made from better and original arts and crafts materials from Uganda and other African Countries which includes greeting cards, batiks, jewelry, clothing, carvings, metal art and much more.

These sales points are moderately expensive but with a variety to choose from and its favorably best accessible points for all travelers since they can easily be located.

Nommo Gallery : 

arts and crafts arts and crafts

Here is also Uganda’s National Art Gallery where one can find the artwork from not only talented local artists but also the ones from the East African countries’ artists. At this gallery, there is a fine selection for the ardent lover of African arts and crafts. The gallery located at Nakasero next to Sheraton Hotel on Plot 4 Victoria Avenue. Though it is mainly a gallery for display, there is also a shop where the unique products of wonderful artworks and crafts are sold. Its worthy a visit while in Uganda for a safari though at times it not open 24/7.

Kampala has many places where you can buy arts and crafts – keep your eyes open as you venture around in this amazing city – there other items that make great gifts – from local coffees that you can buy in attractive mini-coffee sacks at Coffee shops such as 1000 Cups of Coffee, Ban Café, and Café Pap – naming a few.

Owino Market is also a place for fabrics, spices and much more – local supermarkets have some reasonably priced Ugandan coffee such as “Big Gorilla Coffee” and Star brand “Bugisu Arabica Beans” that taste like lovely Sumatran coffee, even a kilo of sugar from Kakira with their lion on the package make a nice gift – the sugar is like a turbinado sugar. Tea – one of the main drinks here is lovely in flavor and at a very low price – both in bags or fine bulk.  The list is endless in the things that you can buy to keep the memories of your visit to the Pearl of Africa alive.

                        Items on display include

Arts and crafts Arts and crafts Art and Craft

Crafts: these range from sandals for all age and sex groups; hand bags made out of beads, wood, palm leaves, sisal, papers, banana-fibre, fabrics and backcloth; carvings from wood, soap, stones, malakite stone and ceramics. Also drums of various sizes like jembe drums and others; baskets from central and western Uganda; mats, table mats, key rings, knives, fridge magnets and many others.

Jewellery: these take the form of earings, braceletes, bangles and necklaces. They are made out of beads, papers, malakite stone, bone, coconut, cowhorn, ebony wood, brass, copper, ametite, shells and others.

Clothings: there are a wide selection of African pants with different prints such as animal prints. Others are Uganda Jazzes; printed and embroidery T-shirts, hand-woven shirts, mama & paper shirts, wrappers, scarves and Kikoi. African fabrics (bitengi materials), masaai blankets & children’s wears, skirts, dresses and hair bands and so many others.

There are antiques from Congo and masks from Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya such as Masaai.

 Your purchases are do make a sound difference in the life of artisans and seller.

www.jewelsafaris.com is ready to take you through Kampala city tour and be ready to do shopping and take these home and keep the trip memories closer