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Amboseli national park in Kenya is located in the southern part of the country and was  established as a park in 1974.

The park was formally named Maasai Amboseli Game reserve. It is park is located in Kajiado south constituency in Loitoktok district and it is known for its largest number of elephants and the view of Mountain Kilimanjaro across Tanzania boarder.

Amboseli safari
Amboseli safari

wildlife in Amboseli national park

The park is gifted with plenty of animals that include over 900 elephants that are seen grazing, rolling and playing with their mates, the most famous elephant the Tim’s Tusks is found in Amboseli.

Amboseli national park is estimated to have 179 lions, leopards Maasai giraffes, Zebras, Wildebeest, Impalas, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle’s buffaloes, hippos and elephants.

The park entrance during low season for citizens is 600Kshs, Residents 600Kshs, Non-residents 40usd and for high season the park entrance is 800Kshs for citizens, 800 for Residents and 70usd for non-residents.

 The park has 4 gates that you can use to enter the park; Mashanana gate, Kimana gate, Iremito gate and Kitirua gate. They all can be used for entrance into the park and also exist out of the park.

The best time to make a tour in Amboseli national park is in January to February and July to September. The most amazing experiences is hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, visiting the Observe Hill, and meeting the nomadic Maasai people.


Game Drive

Amboseli national park is a home of wild animals especially the big five animals and they inhabit in the acacia woodlands, rocky thorns, mash land the open plains.

This activity is an all year round activity but the best time to do it is early morning which starts at 6:30am till 11am and in evening from 2:00 pm till 6:30 pm.

 During day you can see a large number of animals in Amboseli national park on the water banks the animals, during the morning game drive, you will be able to spot the shy animals going to their hideout and they include; lions, bush baby, jackals, zebras, Thomson’s grants gazelles, aard wolf, elephants, hippos and many more. While on a game drive you will be able to see a lot of elephants without any hardship since they move on open plains.

Bird Watching 

Amboseli national park is a bird watcher’s paradise, throughout the year. The majority of the birds fill the park in the months of November to April.

Over 400 bird species can be spotted along the swampy areas, acacia woodlands and the grasslands. You will encounter lesser flamingos, African jacana, goliath grey crowned crane, harlot’s heron bastard, Rufous chatter, long toed lawing, yellow necked spur fowl and many more.

 You need to carry a few things in preparing for a bird watching tour such as binoculars so that you can have a clear sight on the birds even when they are in a few distance. You need a water bottle, raincoat, a hat, snacks and a camera. The bird watching safaris is carried out with a field guide since they have knowledge about bird species.

Guided Nature walks

The park has stunning vegetation, swamps, scenery that favor nature walks. We call them guided nature walks since an armed game ranger moves alongside you as you explore the different parts of the park.

The nature walk can be the best way to adventure the park and have a closer look at the wild animals. You can spot different animals and birds during the nature walk and they include the zebras, impala, elephants and many more. You also have a chance to see the snow-capped Kilimanjaro during the nature walk.

You can have more time to enjoy the fresh breeze since it is done on foot. The nature walk is done either in the morning or during the evening time.

Hot Balloon Safaris

Using air balloon, the tourist is able to explore the park while in the air. The activity can be done both in the morning time and the evening time. The experience is memorable for tourists who are not afraid of heights. You can see different animals as well as the birds. 

Horseback safari

This Activity is done using a trained horse. You can start from the border of Namanga and you cross through Amboseli national park they are good for exploring the bushy parts of the park.

The horses used for this activity are trained and they are of good character. The activity goes for between 2 to 3 hours.  They are done in the morning hours and afternoon hours. Children and inexperienced riders go for shorter riding time.

Cultural tours

This is done in the community of the Maasai people. They dance, sing for you their cultural and traditional songs. They are very welcoming unique kind of people that have not accepted to be modernised.

You can also do camping outside the lodge where you will be entertained by the Maasai people during camp fire as well as enjoying drinks in the night, in the wilderness. 

Where to stay while on visit of Amboseli National Park?

Do not worry about accommodation in Amboseli national park, as you are planning to have a tour. During your trip you can book your stay in one of these lodges and they include; Ol Tukai lodge, Amboseli Serena lodge, Kimana lodge, Tortilis camp, Tawi lodge and many others. 

How to Get To Amboseli National Park

By Air Transport

You can use a domestic flight which can be a chartered flight or scheduled flight from Mombasa Wilson airport or Moi Airport which can fly you to one of Amboseli air strips. These flights take only 30 minutes for you to reach the park and they have charge affordable rates. 

By Road

Amboseli national park can be accessed from Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya. You can use Namanga road and you pass via Mashinana gate which will take you four hours. An alternative route is to travel using Mombasa route whereby you will enter the park using Kimana gate. 

The nearest city to the park is Nairobi city, it is a 3 hours 43 minutes drive from Nairobi to Amboseli National park.

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