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Activities On Diani Beach



Diani Beach
Diani Beach

Diani Beach is a great beach destination in East Africa and great destination if you are look forward to getting the adrenaline rush.

Diani Beach is located in the South Coast of Kenya 30 kilometers south of Kenya’s Mombasa – Kwale Country, this beautiful beach boasts a magnificent 25 kilometers stretch of breathtaking white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters with swaying palm trees. 

Diani beach is considered to be one of the best beach destinations in Africa, this fascinating beach has been ranked among the best beast sides in the world and voted as one of the top beaches in Africa by CNN. 

If you are seeking for activities that will freak you out and have your adrenaline in rush while on a holiday, then Diani Beach is your perfect destination. For adrenaline junkies, no feeling in the world can compare to the feeling you will get while sky diving in Diani

Here is a list of the most popular adrenaline – filled activities for adrenaline junkies to do in Diani. 


 Sky diving also known as Parachuting is a recreational – competitive sport where divers jump off a plane and use parachutes to slow their descent to the group. In Africa, Diani Beach is one of the best places to do sky diving at sea level, actually it is possible to experience a full one minute accelerated free fall from 14,000 feet. Though it seems scary which it really is, sky diving is a once in a lifetime thrill. 

 For first timers, sky diving is definitely a little daunting at first. A skydive happens fast-a few minutes in the plane, freefall, parachute ride and before you know it, you are back on the ground. When you look back at the clouds, it almost doesn’t seem real. 

During the skydiving, you will have exceptional memories and you will want to relive the experience and share with your friends and family. 


Paragliding is a thrilling experience where one glides through the air using a wide canopy a fabric wing that is made up of a large number of interconnected cells, in paragliding the pilot takes off from an elevated position. Usually, the top of a hill or mountain, then uses wind forces to help him maintain flight sometime even gaining altitudes. 

Throughout the flight, the pilot sits in a harness suspended below the wing. While skydiving only lasts a few minutes since you are free falling and slowing your descent with a parachute towards to the end. A skilled paraglider, relying solely on wind forces and thermal can stay in flight for hours and cover hundreds of kilometers. 

  Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing is a high-speed water sport that is a must do and favorite activity for the adrenaline junkies, of all the water sports to do in Diani jet skiing is the probably the easiest to pick up. 

From an open sea, you will get to know other fascinating parts of the coast as you jet ski. 

Kite Surfing 

Kite Surfing also known as kite boarding is one of the coolest water sports on the planet and Diani Beach as well, a surface water sport that uses wind power to pull a rider through the water on a small surfboard. The trick here is to combine kite flying skills and board skills to cruise over the water, one of the things to make Diani – Kenya’s top kitesurfing destination is the diverse range of conditions provided by the different locations in and around the area. 

In Diani, there is something to suit all types of kiters, from beginners to advanced riders. For wake style and foilers, surfers and freestyle riders. Sandbars with a glass flat water, knee to waist deep lagoons and pumping swell all serve to make Diani found in Kenya a leading kitesurfing destination due to its diversity.

How to get to Diani Beach 

The best way to get to Diani Beach is by flying from Nairobi’s Wilson Airport to Ukunda Airstrip, this is a fast and cheap option. There is also an option of flying from Nairobi’s Jomo International Airport to Mombasa and then take a taxi to reach Diani Beach. Read more.

Where to stay in Diani Beach 

There are various accommodation facilities in Diani Beach where you can stay during your holiday. These include 

  • Waterlovers Beach Resort 
  • Kinondo Kwetu Lodge 
  • The Sands at Nomad 
  • The Zubeida Boutique Resort 
  • Diani Reef Beach Resort 
  • Swahili Beach Resort 
  • Amani Tiwi Beach Resort 

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Best time to visit Diani Beach  

Best time to visit Diani Beach to do adrenaline activities is from October to March, this period offers the perfect activities. There is little rain and lots of hot, sunny weather and very humid. The Indian Ocean is very warm all year around with water temperature ranging between 26°C to 29°C.

Note that, Diani Beach is normally crowded during the months of December to March and June to September. 

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